The last day of Euroweek

7.12.2015 r.

We spent the third evening dancing and listening to a presentation about Italy. We finished our day tired but in good moods. The last day was very exciting! We started it with energizer. After that, we were divided into groups and we made horror movies. We had great time! Then we watched every movie and the volunteers gave us Oscars for the best ones in different categories, such as the best actor, the best story, etc. Later we had an Oxford Debate on which we had to discuss different topics in group. Each group was “fighting” with another: there was always one group for, and one group against the idea. The questions were: “Regarding peace: Must countries turn their young men into soldiers?”, “Is Poland a better country now?”, and “Does religion destroy humanity?”. At the end the audience decided, who is right. After lunch we had a presentation about Philippines. Then we had our most important task of the whole Euroweek: Mission Impossible! We had to do various things, such as create a fashion show, decorate the hall for Christmas, play a scene from a famous movie, etc. We had a lot of fun with it and everyone enjoyed it. After dinner we watched a presentation about India. This was the last activity of Euroweek! Volunteers told us about their work with us and they gave us certificates. It was that moment, when we realized how fast does the time go on Euroweek. We cried, said goodbye to each other, took a lot of selfies and promised ourselves that we come back next year. 

Mateusz Gawrysiak