Euroweek DAY 3

3.12.2018 r.

The last day of Euroweek we started with very energetic activities like dancing. After a short break we flew to Colombia with one of our volunteers. She also taught us the traditional Colombian dance - salsa. Then we became inventors who had to worked out machines, applications and many other things which would help people in everyday life. Later we were supposed to film our own version of "Ocean's 11". We had to record short films where we were robbers. They were very emotional and original. In the evening we created our own Euroweek television. We watched The Voice of Euroweek, Eska TV, a magic show, National Geographic, a sport programme, a weather forecast, adds and many more. Unfortunately that was the last activity on Euroweek. At the end Bobby, Regina Baby, Marek and "Who" told us their feeling sabout this week. Their words brought tears and smiles. Finally, everyone gave a present to his or her secret friend. The time we spent on Euroweek in Polanica Zdrój was amazing and we will always remember the volunteers and people we met there. We are grateful to volunteers and our teachers - Ms. Sznura and Ms. Murdzia. Thank you for this beautiful time. 

Aleksandra Filakiewicz and Zuzanna Wanecka 8b