Euroweek DAY 2

28.11.2018 r.

Today was a very exciting day. We enjoyed it very much. As usual, we started with the energizer where we were dancing and playing the game called "Leader". Our first activity of the day was meeting new volunteers. In small groups we could find out more about Pakistan, Maxico, Columbia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ukraine and Turkey. Later we played a human cross&circle. Next we went for a sightseeing walk around Polanica Zdrój. Then our head volunteer Bobby showed us his country - Thailand. He also taught us the traditional Thai massage. After that, we did a project called "Stereotypes". We were were supposed to make posters about one of the most common stereotypes in the world. Finally, we did a "LipSing Battle" where 12 groups had to perform as one of the music stars. It was a blast. 

Jakub Pilarski a Wojciech Winkel 3f