Euroweek 2016

13.09.2016 r.

Tuesday was a second day of Euroweek. We already know the volunteers so we can focus on games and presentations. We went outside and played an Indian game called Kabadi . There were two teams and we had to communicate with each other. After this we listened to Super Piękna's presentation about language and that we should be confident. Volunteers are from different countries. For examole Super Piękna (Lisette) is from Philipines, Patricia is from Spain, Ana is from Macedonia, Varaprasad is from India and Linus from Kenya.
We had time to ask them questions, learn something and talk about their countries. They are very friendly, so there is no reason to feel scared or be shy. Euroweek is amazing because we can learn English and have fun. The games are creative, so we aren't bored. Presentations are interesting - we are not just listening but we also dance and sing. Tuesday was a great day and even if someone is here for the first time he doesn't feel it because of the very nice atmosphere.

Marianna Cegiołka 2f