Another great day on Euroweek

15.09.2016 r.

Wednesday - yet another day of our Euroweek program participation. In the morning we went outside and started a new day with energizing games. We met a new volunteer from Ethiopia - Dawit. We could watch his presentation about culture and traditions of this African country. After lunch we went for a walk with our foreign friends, we visited the ruins of a castle in the forest. On the way we could show our friends the beauty of a Polish landscape.
When we had a rest after the walk the whole group participated in yoga practice. We learned some new techniques to control our breathing and relax our mind and body. In the evening we moved into the incredible world of India, Varaprasad - our volunteer showed us their greatest traditions and customs. The beautiful landscapes of India were one of the main points of the presentation as well as cultural information of one of the largest countries in the world. We have also learned a few things about natural medicine, festivals and food of India. It was a great day! 


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